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About Us

We've been craft beer fans for many years and regular visitors to the USA. As much as we love UK craft beers, it's fair to say that US breweries have been pushing the industry forward for a number of years with new techniques, flavour profiles and beer styles.

Seeking out new breweries, many of which unheard of in the UK but with amazing local reputations, is one of the most enjoyable parts of our recent travels. We want to bring more of these breweries to the glasses of the UK. Some of these will be the 'hype' breweries that many are aware of, others will be much lesser known and smaller brewers.

At the moment we only operate in very small volumes - it's expensive buying US craft beer in bulk and shipping it to the UK! For the 'special' beers that we bring in, these are air freighted over direct to us and just to us. Other beers we purchase from distributors and aim to get them to you as quickly and as freshly as possible.

Since we are still a small business we're very open to new ways of working and looking for new partners. If you have any beers that you would like to see then please get in touch with us at and we will see what we can do.

For some beers we operate a pre-order system. This is to make sure that the demand is there for the beers we plan to bring in - at this stage we can't afford to spend £10k on bringing beer in and then find that nobody wants it! As we get bigger we will hopefully need to use this system less frequently but for now, it's the best way we can guarantee getting these beers into the country.

We are also aware that beers from some of the most sought after breweries occasionally appear for sale elsewhere. We could easily get these over and do for personal consumption. However, due to the complex alcohol laws in the US, bringing them over to resell is at best questionable and in same cases not legal. We know because we've spoken with the Alcohol Beverage Control in many states.

In some cases the breweries don't want their beers being sold here just yet, either because they want to make sure their local community gets enough beer first or because they can't guarantee the quality of the beer if it gets delayed on its journey to the UK. We completely respect that and do not want to do anything against a brewery's wishes, we want to build relationships and work through any concerns so we can reach a point where they are happy for us to sell the beers. This takes longer but we feel it's the right thing to do.