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Why do you only sell beers from the USA?

Mostly because we love beers from the US and, let's be honest, US breweries have led the craft beer revolution. Added to that there are already a great number of retailers selling beers from the UK and Europe and we would just be another name amongst many. Focusing purely on US beers enables us to do one thing very well.

Where do your beers come from?

Some of our beers are purchased from distributors here in the UK and Europe who already have agreements with breweries/distributors in the US. Others we import directly from the USA ourselves through relationships we have spent a lot of time building. 

Why are some of the beers so expensive?

For a start, the type of beers we stock are generally more expensive given the cost of producing them such as the very hop forward IPAs. We then also have significant transport costs and taxes to get them into the UK. Some beers are shipped by refrigerated container, others air air freighted at an even higher cost for maximum freshness.


My can is damaged can I have a refund?

Generally no. As nice as some cans look, especially in Instagram posts, their primary purpose is to protect the contents. So unless the can has been pierced and the beer has been affected we can not offer a refund. It is not unheard of for cans to leave the brewery with minor damage and/or pick up minor bumps while being transported to us.

My order didn't arrive the next day. Do I get a refund?

No. Next working day delivery is an aim not a guarantee. So many circumstance out of our and the delivery company's control can affect their ability to deliver the next working day.