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Slo Turbo Hoof Hearted - Beers of America

Slo Turbo

Hoof Hearted
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8.5% DIPA - 473ml can

Unleaded super diesel icon "Heavy Nelson" slides off from the stage and into the crowd. He's locked eyes on Gary and needs to strike while the lights stay low.

"Pizza Pizza Pizza", he croons as a conga line grows behind him. Looking back, two thoughts occur in quick succession. The first: DIPA's hopped exclusively w/ New Zealand varietals and a laser-focus on Nelson Sauvin make all the girls want to get to know you. The second: he's only got one chance to make this right for everybody.

"Heyyyy Gary from back the office who likes to order broccoli on the casual Friday staff pizza and only takes one piece for himself.." Dipa with whole cone Southern Hemisphere Hops

Canned on 18 Jan 2022